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Manufacturing Front Office


The most challenging part of this project was definitely the schedule. We were tasked with the renovation of the entire office space during a two-week shutdown over Christmas and through the New Year. This meant night and weekend work and we could not have been successful without our team of Axis personnel and trade subcontractors.

The floors were removed and the exposed concrete was cleaned, stained, and sealed. This provided a bomb-proof floor finish that would withstand years of boot traffic with oils and metal shavings from the shop area. The ceilings were also replaced with new grids, tegular tiles, and updated lights.

The conference room received sliding storefront glass walls that opened sightlines and increased the overall open feel of the space. The conference room and executive offices received brick accent walls to complete the modern industrial look. Office doors were replaced with glass panel doors and etched film to allow some light and sight, but without sacrificing too much privacy.